Created with energy from our magnificent Sun.

Solar Pyrography is a rare form of art which requires absolute harmony between the artist and the sun. It is an alchemical process of harnessing the heat from the most powerful source of energy in our Solar system and compressing it into a blinding beam of Light with a piece of glass.


Chameleon Crystal is responsive to warmth.

A candle, the sun or even the touch of a warm hand. Chameleon Crystal actively seeks warmth, and will repond with a beautiful display of gratitude.


Butterfly Love with Coulour changing flower centre 750 sek

The centre of the flower has been painted with Chameleon Crystal. Approximately 30cm x 29cm


Quan Yin with coulour changing flower 1150 sek

The Lotus flower has been painted with Chameleon Crystal. 

Approximately 44cm x 30cm


Tree of Life

Chameleon Crystal has been added to the leaves.

Approximately 32.5cm x 30cm

Solar Art with Chameleon Crystal

700,00 krPrice
  • Do not allow contact with water or other liquids.



Varberg, SWEDEN

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