On a bed of Selenite rests a hand shaped Lotus flower and with it the pearls of Enlightenment.

The pearls will glow deep blue in the night while the rest of the pyramid glows magically aqua blue.

The pyramid form is an extremely powerful form that reinforces and focuses the energy that rests within it: In this case: compassion, wisdom, healing, love and the sweet seeds of enlightenment.


This specific Pyramid design has been born in wonderful inspiration and collaboration with the lady Master Quan Yin: Goddess of Mercy and compassion, bringer of the light of love and enlightenment.

She is the bearer of the Goddess and the Holy Mother's aspects in Buddhism. The same aspects carried by the Virgin Mary in Christianity and by Isis in Egyptian mythology.

Quan Yin is often depicted standing or sitting in a Lotus flower with the pearls of the enlightenment, which are the symbols represented in this pyramid design. The Lotus flower symbolizes the wisdom of pure, unconditional love that blooms in the heart of those who walk the path of enlightenment.


Each Pyramid is handmade and therefore unique in appearance.

Auranite is a combination of crystals, healing energies, metal and Afterglow contained in resin. They vibrate on a high frequency and are created to support and elevate you on your unique path.


All our pyramids will soak up daylight, pushing it out as beautiful ambient aqua or blue light during the dark hours. 10 minutes in the light and they will glow all night long. The pyramids are beautiful by day and entirely different in appearance by night.


Approximate size:

7cm x 7cm x 7cm

Auranite Lotus, Blue Pearl Pyramids

590,00 krPrice
Lotus flower
  • It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.




Varberg, SWEDEN

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