We have created 2 different  big Auranite Pyramid designs with Afterglow.


TREE of LIFE on rock

This unique pyramid design contains a hand-shaped tree, ornamented with lots of wonderful semi-precious stones, surrounded by resin. The tree is shaped out of copper wire mixed with silver and/or gold plated copper wire. It's roots are wrapped around a big piece of Swedish Quartz that is resting on a bed of Selenite Crystals. At the top of the pyramid hangs a moon that will shine slightly darker blue than the rest of the pyramid.


The tree represents the Tree of Life, a universal and sacred symbol.

Trees are linked to both earth and heaven and whisper wise, comforting words to the hearts that are open to receive them. They give life, balance and harmony to everything and everyone on this beautiful planet. Everything is connected. All is One.

The pyramid form is an extremely powerful form that reinforces and focuses the energy that rests within it. In this case the healing, nurturing Tree-wisdom combined with the specific cystals properties. A most powerful combination.



A pyramid within a pyramid. Inside a big Resin Pyramid floats a Crystal Pyramid ornamented with hand shaped spirals out of Copper wire. 

The spiral is a highly complex and powerful symbol. It is ancient and used in almost every culture, from British, European and Scandinavian to Egyptian, Indian and Indigenous traditions. It is the great creative force, representing growth and expansion and is associated with the web of life. It symbolizes the realms of existence, the various modalities of being and the wanderings of the Soul in manifestation. The spiral is connected with the navel centre as the centre and power of life. It represents the path from external materialism and egoism to internal awareness and authenticity. 


With each pyramid comes an information slip with a description of the Crystals properties. Meditate with your Auranite pyramid to learn more about its unique gifts to you and your surroundings.


Each Pyramid is handmade and therefore unique in appearance.

Auranite is a combination of crystals, healing energies, metal and Afterglow contained in resin. They vibrate on a high frequency and are created to support and elevate you on your unique path.


All our pyramids will soak up daylight, pushing it out as beautiful ambient aqua or blue light during the dark hours. 10 minutes in the light and they will glow all night long. The pyramids are beautiful by day and entirely different in appearance by night.


Approximate size:

13,5cm x 13,5cm x 13,5cm

That is 5 times larger in volume compared to our normal size Auranite Pyramids.

A very good price in other words :)

Large Auranite Pyramids

1 770,00 krPrice
  • It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.




Varberg, SWEDEN

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