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Sentian Art is a collaboration between two artists, lovers and healers working with energy in various ways.

Everything they do is made by hand, with love. People can feel that and it is not unusual that they are moved to tears by their art.

About Ian:

I am a solar artist and I have a working relationship and a spiritual connection with the Sun. I connect with it in such a beautiful way. I believe in the tangible energy of the most powerful energy source in our Solar System.

I grew up in Lincolnshire UK, and it’s fair to say my childhood was far from comfortable. I grew up fending for myself on the whole. I fed myself and I kept myself warm. I had an affinity with being outside from an early age, skills taught to me by my father before I lost him at the age of 7 would actually keep me safe as I grew up.

My adult life was for the most part filled with extreme activities. Both in work and play I aspired only to be greater than my childhood and refused to allow my childhood traumas to define me as an adult.

A working life of incidents and accidents finally caught up with me in 2005 and I began 18 months of surgery to my brain, both legs and eyes and my left shoulder. It was time to come to terms with a slower pace of life.

My creativity began with the design and manufacture of fishing tackle, and it’s fair to say I was successful with Moonfleet angling. I then developed educational packages that would eventually lead to outdoor skills and educational  programmes aimed at teaching disadvantaged people how to feed themselves. I also taught curriculum subjects to mainstream in SEN schools using sea angling as a delivery tool.

It was during a beach fishing session that I was literally given a lesson in how to light a fire with a magnifying glass by a 6yr old girl. A simple act by that little girl would eventually lead me to become a solar artist.

In 2012 I fell victim to my childhood traumas and was diagnosed with PTSD, and quite literally overnight I became broken as an adult, and I quite painfully lost everything I had worked for. Early into that unfortunate journey I remembered the little girl and on a sunny day began to burn “stickmen” into my garden fence with a magnifying glass. I also began to write my “Hindsight” moments. I use the energy of the sun to carve my memories and that was how I became a “Solar” artist, and it is how my life eventually went from bad to beautiful.


In 2017 I was sat on Glastonbury High Street creating a solar carved Dragonfly, and while I enjoyed being an artist, even on that day I remember feeling so unhappy. It was then that I met my partner Sentia. She was one of many people looking at the art I was creating with the heat of the sun. Sentia wanted to buy the piece I was working on.

It’s reasonable to say that this beautiful woman made me stop and think about myself, and my own self worth. Sentia is now my partner, we create art together, we live together and my art and life is richer for her presence.

About Sentia:

I have lived most of my life in Sweden surrounded by its beautiful nature which has always brought me so much inspiration and joy. 

I have been an artist and artisan pretty much my whole life. I love to create and design things in many different materials and have worked with paint, clay, fabric, gemstones, wood, metal and writing. My creativity has flowed like waves, where each wave has carried a new idea to dive into and play with. The richest and most reoccurring waves have been jewellery designing and writing.

I started to design and sell my first jewellery at the age of 15 and have been doing it in on a small scale along with my healing work ever since. I did my first Reiki healing courses when I was 22 and over the years I have developed my own healing modality Alchemy of Light. For more information about that you are welcome to visit my Facebook page Alchemy of Light (sentialight).

In the summer 2015 I made my first journey to Glastonbury UK, the heart of Avalon. It was a most profound and magical experience. One day I might write a book about it. After that I continued to visit Glastonbury regularly until fate revealed its plans in the autumn of 2016. How it happened was just as profound as my first visit to Avalon and within a few months I had quit my job in Sweden and moved to Glastonbury on a one year trial.

Everything happened with a completely perfect timing, presenting the sweetest synchronicities. It was like everything had been waiting for me to make this change, so that things could start to fall in place for this next phase in my life.

When I moved I only brought a couple of suitcases so all of my tools and materials for jewellery making were left in storage in Sweden. I honestly did not think I was going to make jewellery during my stay here but I simply could not ignore the signs I received, encouraging me to start making a completely new series of jewellery.

Out of the blue people started to give me materials for jewellery making, like beads and crystals. I met artists that sparked the flame of inspiration and one thing led to another. The Dragonfly came through so strongly asking to be my first design. Wherever I went I came across it in one form or another. I even met my partner Ian while he was burning a picture of a huge dragonfly on wood with a magnifying glass on the High Street. I was completely awestruck by his work and his amazing persona. He is living proof of how one can survive and turn the most traumatic life experiences into gold. I am amazed and inspired by his caring and loving heart every day.

Both of us have had quite rich lives when it comes to tough experiences and that is exactly what the dragonfly symbolises: the big changes and deep transformations we go through in life. This is why we have chosen the Dragonfly in front of a sun as our logo where the sun represents the Light we work with in art, healing and transformation.

To create is like sweet nectar for my soul. It allows energy flows to dance with spirit in the most divine and invigorating ways.

It also includes a big part of problem solving. When I work with jewellery for instance, I try to find a way of creating a specific design in one perfect flow with the wire, completing it with a spiral shape and a gemstone. The symbols I am guided to create are also of significant importance (dragonfly, goddess, lotus flower etc). All of them are very powerful symbols and totems, helping us to evolve so that we can shine our true light. That is why I have created the Magical scrolls. One Magical scroll for each jewellery that poetically tells the tale of its specific power, wisdom and energy.

When I had finished my first Dragonfly design (autumn 2017) Me and Ian had a most beautiful experience where real Dragonflies came and landed on us. It was one of the sweetest blessings I have ever experienced.

And the blessings keep coming. Me and Ian are now working on Solar art together as well as other art forms. We have a very creative and inspiring relationship where new ideas constantly are being birthed. It is such a humbling and precious gift.

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