Crystal grids are used in many metaphysical disciplines to bring about healing, spiritual well-being, and transformation. These unique, handmade pendants are beautiful heart openers as well seeds of Love ready to spread their Light into the World through the heart of their wearer!


The Crystal grid pendants are all made with a unique combination of crystals placed above a hand painted sacred geometry symbol (in gold) to create a powerful collaboration between them. Each sacred geometry symbol has a specific energy just like the crystals. Together they create powerful tools of awakening, deeper healing and manifestation. The Crystals and symbols are encased in resin. The cabouchons are  then wrapped in a single gold plated wire with an open back.


Each pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord as well as an information slip with a description of the sacred symbol and the Crystals empowering your specific pendant with. Meditate with your Crystal grid to learn more about its unique gifts to you and your surroundings.


Afterglow: All pendants will soak up daylight, pushing it out as beautiful ambient aqua blue light during the dark hours. 10 minutes in the light and they will glow all night long.


All of our crystal grid pendants have a clear quartz in the centre. Other crystals used are :

Ruby – burgundy/red

Neon Apatite – neon blue

Rainbow Moonstone – white with blue shimmer

Rose Quartz – light pink

Tourmaline – pink, green, green-blue, yellow

Peridote - olive green

Amethyst – violet

Crystal grid Pendants with Afterglow

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Crystal grid



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