The Kundalini Pyramids contain a hand shaped kundalini symbol made of gold or silver plated wire.

Through the center of it runs a wire with crystals, one for each chakra.

It floats above a hand painted chakra symbol in gold or silver.

The bulb at the top represents the divine and will glow in the dark, just like the base of the pyramid.

The bulb and the base is made from UV reactive Afterglow and will soak up daylight, pushing it out as beautiful ambient aqua light during the dark hours.
The pyramid is beautiful by day and entirely different in appearance by night.

Each Pyramid is handmade and therefore unique in appearence.

Auranite is a combination of crystals and metal encased in resin and vibrates on a higher level than Orgonite.

Approximate size 7cm x 7cm x 7cm

Kundalini - Afterglow Auranite Pyramids

590,00 krPrice
Wire colour
  • The Afterglow will soak up daylight or the light from a lamp, pushing it out as beautiful ambient light during the dark hours. It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.




Varberg, SWEDEN

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