We create custom designed shells with your own choice of words or names.

Beautiful gifts for someone you hold dear, for yourself, a new born or as unique place names for weddings or dinner parties. Please contact us if this is something you like to order.


We make them in 2 different sizes/shells:

Smaller Clam shells  with the approximate width between 6-8cm

Price from: 125sek  (approximately £11)

(You will be offered a lower price if you order many, for weddings or such).


Larger Scallop shells with the approximate width of 10cm (4 inches)

Price from: 290sek (approximately £25)


We can make them in the following colours:

White, blue, ocean blue, violet and green.

We can also create different colour effects (see pictures).


The 2 different designs we have created for new borns are:

“The Heart” made with 2 different colours of resin to create the heart effect and

“The Seed of Life” which is hand shaped wire with a matching birthstone in it.

They will glow bright blue all night long so they are perfect to place in the bedroom as a comforting and magical night light.


All our shells contain Afterglow resin which will make them glow all night long.
Afterglow is a light reactive medium that will soak up daylight or the light from a lamp, pushing it out as beautiful ambient aqua or blue light during the dark hours.

The shells are beautiful by day and entirely different in appearance by night.


Each Scallop shell is unique in appearence. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

Personalised Afterglow shells

125,00 krPrice
  • It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.




Varberg, SWEDEN

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