Talking sticks / Healing sticks - SOON BACK IN STOCK

Designed and made by Ian Houlton


These birch wood sticks have been  adorned with feathers, Rose Quartz beads, wooden beads and a hand shaped wire dragonfly, made by Sentia. The lightning pattern is created with 10,000 volts of electricity and filled with Afterglow. The tips are adorned with Swedish Quartz as well as Afterglow resin which makes them glow magically in the dark.


"Talking sticks" were originally used by Native Americans in the North American tribes at council meetings. The person holding the stick is the one who gets to talk. When the person is done, they pass it to the next person who wants to talk. This way of communicating strengthens the listener and develops the ability to listen to what is really being said. It also protects those who speak and allows them to express themselves freely and to speak to the end.


Since the stick contains all the elements, crystals and power symbols, they are also ideal as tools for healing treatments or other rituals.


Afterglow Talking sticks

630,00 krPrice
  • The Afterglow will soak up daylight or the light from a lamp, pushing it out as beautiful ambient light during the dark hours. It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.




Varberg, SWEDEN

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