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© Copyright 2018 Sentian Art

Our wish is to move you, to touch you.

Perhaps even change what you view is possible with our unique art

Sentian Art is a collaboration between two artists, lovers and healers working with energy in various ways.


We use Solar energy - Our Solar art is literally carved into wood using the energy of the Sun.

We use Light - We create Afterglow art, which relies on the light of day to shine throughout the night.

We use Warmth - Our Chameleon crystal art will display a rainbow of colours when it senses warmth, even the touch of a warm hand.

We use and harness the power of 10,000 volts of electricity to create amazing patterns.

We use Healing energy - Our jewellery are made of empowering Crystals and like all of our art, each piece is infused with a healing ray in the making.

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