~ Healing and Empowering jewellery ~

Designed and crafted by Sentia


Jewellery created with love, crystals, beads and wire.

Every piece is made to look unique, therefore they all differ in both appearance and energy.

In the making a ray of Healing Light is infused to dance gracefully with the energy of the Crystal and the Symbol itself.


With each piece comes a magical scroll that poetically tells the tale of its specific powers.


Dragonfly meaning:

The Dragonfly carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability. It also represents joy and lightness of being.


This special edition is made with Afterglow in three different colours. They will glow in turquoise, blue or violet.   The Turquoise and Blue will collect light from both lamps and the Sun to glow. The Violet requires UV-light/Sun light to glow but will work charge even on a cloudy day outdoors.


Approximate sizes

Large: 5.2cm high, 5.2cm wide

Afterglow Dragonfly pendant

410,00 krPrice
  • The Afterglow will soak up daylight or the light from a lamp, pushing it out as beautiful ambient light during the dark hours. It needs to be dark for the Afterglow to be visible.



Varberg, SWEDEN

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